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Direct Current vs Alternate Current

So what exactly is the problem with powering electronic devices using AC power?

All electronic devices are powered via DC using an AC/DC adapter plug. The only reason we are using AC power is because of our inherited and out of date power grid infrastructures. ELe®’s unique DC power infrastructures eliminate the waste of AC/DC conversion and can run electronic devices far more efficiently making significant energy cost and carbon emission savings.
See our video (left) to find out more about AC / DC power. 

Extreme Low Energy Solutions


Saving ICT Costs for Schools

ELe®’s award-winning ICT infrastructure is uniquely designed to deliver reliable, high performance computing for students and staff at a fraction of the energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Savings for businesses with multiple computers

Our innovative low energy power over ethernet infrastructure can transform your business’s financial profile delivering game-changing savings in energy bills, carbon emissions and reduced cables and AC plug points.


Quick to install power solutions

Our DC infrastructures are now enabling a new generation of low-energy modular buildings that are quick and easy to install for affordable housing, student accommodation and a host of other building requirements.

Who have we worked with?

Bexley Business Academy
Type: Low Energy & Off Peak Electricity Efficient Computing
Location: Bexley, UK
Energy Savings: 77%

St Jerome’s School
Type: Low Energy DC Computing
Location: Formby, UK
Energy Savings: 80%

Beaulieu College
Type: Off-Grid Anti-Load shedding Low Energy Computing
Location: Kyalami, SA
Energy Savings: 87%

Tlamatlama School
Type: Solar Powered Classroom
Location: Tembisa, SA
Energy Savings: 100% Off-Grid

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What do people say about ELe®?

ELe® has delivered a computing solution for our students that was simple to install and has delivered enhanced, reliable computing capability at a fraction of the energy consumption.

David Rogers

Head of Innovation & Technology, Kayalami Group Schools

Since the ELe® computers were installed a year ago, we have experienced zero downtime or failures, which is remarkable. The computing performance has also been outstanding – with the lower power requirements and low heat generation, the PCs and screens are clearly working better and we believe will last us much longer.

Michael Payne

Head of IT, Bexley Academy

ELe’s energy and cost saving computing equipment fits perfectly with our aim to provide schools with the latest, most innovative technology at an affordable price-point. In addition to lower running costs, ELe computers are extremely high performing and assist schools in meeting their environmental responsibilities.  The ELe team are like an extension of our own company. Their support is fast and effective, and with technical backup from the technology developers, we have full confidence when recommending and supplying schools.

This is a genuinely innovative, leading edge product that has the potential to save the purchaser money and reduce energy usage, yet still out performs traditional alternatives. We at Hi-Impact are truly excited about offering this to our customers.
Simon Sloan

Operations Manager, Hi-Impact Consultancy

Our new computers are so much more powerful, faster and quieter to use. They run on 10% of the energy of the old systems and require no costly PAT testing – which is amazing!

Kathy Monaghan

Head Teacher, St Jerome’s School

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